Turmeric powder
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Turmeric powder
Science explain turmeric's function:  Enhance bile secretion, prevent and improve liver disease  Enhance succus gastricus and saliva secretion, lighten the burden of digestive organ  Prevent the tumor  Strengthen the heart and body resistance
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Content: turmeric


Origin: Taichung

Expiration: 2 years at normal temperature

Storage method: please keep in the shade, and avoid the sunlight

Vegetarian: yes


Sunset color turmeric, give you heavy and natural flavor, also smell the soil flavor as if harvest from your own garden.


 Hundred years ago, grow up in the Taiwan, full turmeric, is the gift from water, sunshine and soil. On the farm where we grow the turmeric, wouldn't smell the medicine, just the grass smell as usual. Delicately grinding turmeric, is brighter than moon, more orange than sunset. It is touching that the land nourish all these things, and we should appreciate it.


Pick ingredient: broad sunlight planting, no pesticide and don't pull up grass, let it grow naturally, harvest in 2~3 years. No fertilizer and water, the content of health curcumin becomes higher, natural flavor-from green life's insistence.


Package: glass can   



Science explain turmeric's function:

l  Enhance bile secretion, prevent and improve liver disease

l  Enhance succus gastricus and saliva secretion, lighten the burden of digestive organ

l  Prevent the tumor

l  Strengthen the heart and body resistance

l  Against bacteria

l  Reduce reactive oxygen, cholesterol, neutral fat, prevent hyperlipemia and arteriosclerosis 


Taking method:

1.Curry's soup can add 1-2 spoon of turmeric powder, increase the color and also combine health.

2.Add some when cooking rice, 2 cup of rice with 1/2 spoon turmeric powder

3.When cooking fried rice, can add some turmeric powder and fry together

4. Directly spray on the rice, also have great taste when serving meal

5.Cooking seafood can not only add turmeric powder but also add lime leaves to enhance delicious flavor.

6.Beverage:health vinegar+ honey+ turmeric powder+ cold water(adjust concentration depends on personal preference)





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