Turmeric pineapple cake(vegetarian)-6pcs
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Turmeric pineapple cake(vegetarian)-6pcs
No essence, collocate with turmeric, reduce oil, sugar and a lot fiber, ovo-lacto vegetarian. Selected Taiwan's pineapple, through hours of cooking, delicately make pineapple stuffing, collocate with turmeric & coconut milk, lead you to endless aftertaste
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coconut oil, wheat flour, japonica rice flour, pineapple stuffing, coconut powder, trehalose, turmeric



Origin: Taichung

Fresh period:15days(no preservative and essence, finish eating as soon as possible)

Expiration:60days at normal temperature

Storage method: please keep under the shade and avoid the sunlight



No essence, collocate with turmeric, reduce oil, sugar and a lot fiber, ovo-lacto vegetarian


21century medical new favorite-turmeric

Mf-stone turmeric+ Taiwan pineapple= health up

Integrate the concept of low oil and sugar

Collocate with turmeric coconut and high-fiber pineapple in  golden ratio, let you try the wonderful flavor~

Selected from Taiwan's pineapple, through hours of cooking, keep the golden color, and the pineapple stuffing full of soluble dietary fiber help intestinal peristalsis. Delicious and fragrant pineapple, let your mouth full of special flavor of turmeric coconut, sour, sweet and fresh. Natural pineapple's flavor is different depends on the season. Taste the pulp and fiber, collocate with perfect out layer, make you have distinctive taste and feel unforgettable. 

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