Bite-sized series【Ready-to-eat】(40pcs)
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Bite-sized series【Ready-to-eat】(40pcs)
◎Great taste, sweet and mellow ◎Natural sea flavor ◎No fishlike smell, earthy scent, bitterness ◎Natural color and shape ◎Not artificial feeding (Please remark the flavor: natural sea flavor, caramel, plum, garlic, mustard, licorice, seaweed)
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Selected wild mullet roe bite-sized series, pick the best mullet roe, exclusively develop various flavor, for those who don't have time cooking. Choose the best 58 degree sorghum, handmade and present the best product for everyone!


Taiwan's west coastal



1.Name: Shark's choiceSelected wild mullet roe/bite-sized

2.Content: wild mullet roe, salt, 58 degree sorghum wine

3.Weight: 150g(40pcs)±0.5%

4:Package: vacuum pack


Edible method

1.Unseal the vacuum pack and take out the mullet roe

2.Prepare sorghum wine and soak the mullet roe for 3~5 minutes

3.Roast mullet roe until the surface becomes golden color

4.Slice the mullet roe, may eat with garlic, apple or radish slices



Normal temperature 14days/Refrigeration 1 month/Freezing 1 year


No preservative added, finish eating as soon as possible after unsealing

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