Women's beauty handmade soap-Clary sage(1pc)- moisturizing and fresh
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Women's beauty handmade soap-Clary sage(1pc)- moisturizing and fresh
Clary sage's heavy fragrance, collocate with angelica root extract, the skin feel more fresh!
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Moisturize and fresh



Clary sage, angelica root, purified water, extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, orange essential oil, clary sage essential, pepper mint essential, vitamin E, rice bran oil, sodium hydroxide


Allergic skin please stop using, due to the reason of floral and plant extract, and handmade, it's normal that the color, shape, smell of product is different. Please use as soon as possible after unsealing and store in the cool place.


Weight/Expiration:22.5g+5g/2 years


Handmade soap process

1. Natural air-dry

Fineherbsoap handmade soap use low temperature, air for 45-60 days, avoid sunshine or dirt, keep the pure handmade soap. Use long time to mature, although taking time, the effect of purified and natural, will let you know the quality after using.

2. Doctor choosing

Fineherbsoap handmade soap, Dr. Cheng selected precious Chinese herbal medicine, use ultraviolet to sterilize assuring the clean and fresh of medicine. Simply way of no chemical addition, natural handmade soap. Suitable for all kinds of people, for the tender skin baby, sensitive skin or allergy to chemical content.

3.Soaking great material

Doctor choose the best natural Chinese medicine material, after picking by ourselves, sterilizing by ultraviolet, adopt European imported with original packaging. Cold pressing made extra virgin olive oil, soak and abstract its effective content.

4.Cold pressing process

In order to keep the natural content of plant oil, we chose the complicated process and time consuming ripe. Use 100% natural plant oil, essential, herbal. Keep the complete nutrition of herb by using low temperature process.

All the cold pressing soap would produce glycerin naturally, is the best natural moisture for the skin. Forming a natural protection on the surface; plant oil has abundant nutrients, and these precious content will permeate into skin and further clean, care the skin. 

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