Polyuronic acid -Whitening moisturizing mask(5 pieces)
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Polyuronic acid -Whitening moisturizing mask(5 pieces)
Savior of darkness!Added natural vitamin C, lilly extraction, natural whitening elements in the essence,enhance the brightness of skin, make the skin shine as snow.
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Polyuronic acid -Whitening moisturizing mask


Volume: 5 pieces/pack


l   7 minutes immediate effect, give you crystal clear skin.

l    Exclusive transparent mask, capillary superconductivity technology

l   Exclusive aqueous emulsion technique  .

l   Golden formula of oil and water! Lilly essence+Shea Butter

l   Super efficient mask! Wake up the beauty inwardly.


Main content:

Polyuronic acid, Lilly essence, Shea butter, Biosaccharide gum, Urea, Mineal E®

                                                             Suitable skin: Normal, darkness, and uneven skin tone


Using Method

1.After cleaning
2.Take out the mask and apply on the face, binding the face well

3.Tear off the pearl paper, waiting for 7 minutes and take down the mask
4.Slightly pat the face until the essence be absorbed completely


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