Carbanite clay mask - whitening (30G)
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Carbanite clay mask - whitening (30G)
~10 minutes give back clean and bright~For dark and sallow skin □Clean and bright □Weaken darkness □Remove oil □ White essence Combine transamin, pearl barley, lily and various content, improve darkness problem and whiten basis
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Carbanite clay mask - whitening



New skin care concept Mud Aesthetics

Added French natural mineral mud and organic certificated "Patent mineral water Mineral.E™" content,

Contain Taiwan's lily, pearl barley, and mulberry natural plant essence.

Effectively improve even skin color, darkness, successfully firming the pore, brighten the skin from basis. Mineral mud's natural absorbable ability, absorb the oil and dirt on face, strip off the junk melanin and cuticle, deeply clean the pore;

Mud's cover would effectively lead skin care content into the skin,

Collocate unique whitening carbonic acid bubble can sooth the skin and enhance the continuing skin care effect.

More, use the polished cotton, once again metabolize the thick cuticle.

Complete the function of polished, perfectly make the flawless beauty.

White essence- Combine transamin, pearl barley, lily and various content, permeate whitening content into skin basis, improve darkness, present fresh, crystal clear delicate skin tone after applying.

Transamin: improve darkness, brighten the skin

Lily: improve uneven skin color, tender and whiten

Mulberry: delicate the pore, tender sense of touch, metabolize cuticle.



The basic product + gifts

             Carbanite clay mask - whitening30g*1+ Polished cotton*1 

Collocate industry initiation! "Polished cotton" make skin care better

Sense of touch like checker omentum, feeling soft and delicate, mildly eliminate acne, metabolize junk cuticle and deeply clean the dust, whitening the skin, and also your best choices- polished cotton


Using Method:

Step1. Use about ten dollars amount of clay mask

Step2. Evenly apply to face, and wait for 10 minutes

Step 3. Add the water and rub it until bubble, easily rinse the make-up and dirt, then continue skin care

Step 4. Collocate with moistured polished cotton, gently massage from inward to outward, rinse it and then continue skin care

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